Poem a Day Challenge- 1/2/15

Poem: “Ekdekhesthai” by Emilia Phillips

Source: West Branch

Favorite Line/Phrase: “Sometimes I half/ expect to peel a clementine/ & find nothing inside.”

Response: Worth noting that my high school Ancient Greek failed me here, and I had to look up the title.  It means “to take up” and forms most of our term, synecdoche.  The two things I love most in this poem are the line breaks and the balance between daily, earthily details and profound contemplation.  I will need to read this one quite a few more times.

Poem a Day Challenge- 1/1/15

Poem: “The Dress”

Poet: Mark Strand

Source: Collected Poems: Mark Strand- bought new at Crow Bookstore in Burlington, VT

Favorite Line/phrase: “But if you step out of your dress and move into the shade,/ the mole will find you, and will the owl, and so will the poem,/ and you will fall into another darkness, one you will find/ yourself making and remaking until it is perfect.”

Response: For some reason, this reminds me of my favorite poem, “Hematite Lake,” by James Galvin.  The idea of darkness or nightfall being a home runs through both and calls to me for reasons I can’t quite name.  Maybe that is why we read poems, to have others name what we cannot.