Poem a Day for Poetry Month 4/1/16

Poem: “Winter Inlet Arrangement” by Hastings Hensel

Journal: 32 Poems

Favorite line/ phrase: “the tin sheen of the pluff mud bank”

Response: This is a poem I wish I had written.  It sees both the detail in the landscape but also the meaning behind it, the way we freight what we see with who we are.  And while I can see everything he describes, and it makes perfect sense to me, I have never thought of it in those terms.  Sometimes, that is exactly what I want poetry to be: new, but understood, terms for the world around me.


One thought on “Poem a Day for Poetry Month 4/1/16

  1. There many images to unpack in this but you’re right ‘tin sheen’ accurately describes the pluff from a distance — then we get close and realize we’re sinking through it. A great image for the difference that distance makes. This had been on my mind when Pat Conroy passed away — it’s probably an image that writers from the southeast coast are the best at mining.

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