Poetry Month 4/4/16

Poem: “Overture”

Collection: Tremolo by Kelly Hansen Maher

Line: (some i named, but (i did not name them all

Response: After I had my daughter, I felt this tension. It was the most profound moment.  But some writers see it as twee, cute, domestic to write about birth. Loss. The body making. When that is the last way I see it. Maher does the devastation justice. Of loss.  And how the body holds life and grief inside. Like a parentheses. But always unevenly.   


2 thoughts on “Poetry Month 4/4/16

  1. Now I need to get all the books you’re reading!! Have you read Jenn Habel’s Good Reason? She writes about motherhood so well, too. (also her chapbook before that, the name of which I can’t recall…some poems are in both but the cb is even more focused on it).

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