Currently Reading


March 29th- 

Novel:  Yet another Benjamin Black novel (the mystery pen name of John Banville).  I love the darkness of the main character, a pathologist named Quirke.  And I love getting to spend time, if only in my imagination, in Dublin.

Poet: Anders Carlson- Wee

He also came to visit my class.  I know, I’m spoiled.  What I love is that he never sacrifices accessibility.  Yet he somehow never sacrifices craft, either.  Yeah, I don’t know how that works.  But I love reading it.


Jan 9th-

Novel: The Ocean at the End of the Lane by Neil Gaiman

I have loved everything I have read by him.  And while this has been slow going (work and the adventure of pregnancy keep getting the way), I love the forthright presentation of magic within the bounds of a real and believable world.

November 17th-

Journal: Parcel

Poet: James Arthur

He recently came and spoke to my high school students.  I have never met another poet with such a mastery of technique coupled with such warm humility and good humor.  And he recites his poems from memory!  If you haven’t bought Charms Against Lighting, do so immediately.  I can’t get the titular poem out of my head.


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