“Name an Asteroid” Your Impossible Voice

“A Dancer a Builder and a Saint Walk into a Bar” Your Impossible Voice


“Flat” Rust & Moth

“Sardinia” The Rappahannock Review

“Subject Matter” The Rappahannock Review

“Poem for My Husband” Foundry

“Mary Had a Mother” The Windhover


“Horses” Psaltery and Lyre

“Offering” Driftwood Press

“Gold” A-Minor Magazine

“Glacier Climbing” American Poetry Journal

“Nativity” Psaltery and Lyre

“Mary Listens” Psaltery and Lyre


“Ownership” Heartwood (Finalist for Heartwood Broadside Competition)

“Non-Native” South Florida Poetry Journal

“Their Mouths, Their Throats” South Florida Poetry Journal

“Fiddler Crab” Whale Road Review

“Mary Remembers” Ruminate

“Elizabeth Asks” Ruminate 

(Winner of the Janet B McCabe Poetry Prize)

(Pushcart Nomination)

(Orison Anthology Nomination)

“There Will Be No Thunderstorms Tomorrow” SWWIM

also available at EVERY DAY POEMS

“A Body Made of Bees” Psaltery and Lyre

(Pushcart Nomination)

“Elizabeth’s Request” cahoodaloodaling (distance issue)

“Minnow” Milk Teeth Anthology: Hermeneutic Chaos

“To Stone” Milk Teeth Anthology: Hermeneutic Chaos


“Honeysuckle” The Rappahannock Review 

“Carolina Wrens” Tinderbox Poetry Journal

                             (Pushcart Nomination)

“Reservoir” The Hopper

“Dusk, St Simon’s Island” The Hopper

“Buzzards Bay” Wild Horses: The Women on Fire Series (ELJ)

“Oophorectomy” Wild Horses: The Women on Fire Series (ELJ)

“After Reading ‘Jellyfish’ by George David Clark” Wild Horses: The Women on Fire Series (ELJ)

“Larches” Wild Horses: The Women on Fire Series (ELJ)

“The Body, After” Wild Horses: The Women on Fire Series (ELJ)- (Pushcart Nomination)

“Persephone” The Fem

“Postpartum” The Fem

“Egret” All We Can Hold: A Collection of Poetry on Motherhood

“When I Became a Mother” Menacing Hedge

“The Fisherman’s Wife” Menacing Hedge

“Returning” Menacing Hedge

“Annunciation” Menacing Hedge

“Break My Hands” Gravel

“November” San Pedro River Review


“Ode to a Fat Girl” This Body I Live In: Slim Volume III

Arkansas Black” Flycatcher

“Folly Island” Flycatcher

“When I Left for You” Cider Press Review

“Clean” Rogue Agent

“The Moon Rots and Splits” Blast Furnace 

“Bury the Lede” Still: The Journal (Best of the Net Nomination)

“Reprieve” Heron Tree

“Matins for the Poet, Joshua Poteat” Heron Tree


“Arrival”  Dressing Room Poetry Journal

“The Definition of Stanza” (including audio) Hoot

“A Photograph of My Brother, Five Years Old, Jumping into the Pool”  Rappahannock Review

“Mining” and “Vast”  Right Hand Pointing

“August Incarnate” Tar River (Pushcart Nomination)

“Request” Slipstream

“Pavement”  Amethyst Arsenic


“Love Letter” (audio) Foothill

“Love Letter” (digital edition) Foothill

“Topography Switchback (Pushcart Nomination)

“For Carly”  Town Creek Poetry


“I Tried” Southern Poetry Anthology: Georgia

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